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Animal lovers, welcome you to come to the virtual world of cute animals! You’ll love the furry or scaly, they are all cool in these fantastic games. The more animals you see in games, the merrier you are. These following titles are extremely perfect for you with tons of categories to sel ect fr om.

You may not have any pet in real life or little time to invest in caring for small pets. Then, it’s time for you to practice caring for the little cute animals in these games. Satisfy your craving for animal caring or cuddling now. Animal games feature with not just cats or dogs, you’ll find anything you want to see there.

Need to consider? Nope, Free virtual adventures await! Spend your time in the most meaningful way now. Forget the moments when you get jealous of the neighbors who raise a little puppy, it’s your time to shine. Just some clicks to enjoy the games free now. Boom! Here, you will find something you love for a particular time. Update your game list now! Here are the best animal games online for you:


This list will be started with a highly addictive action-adventure game- Epic Cluck. In this amazing title, you will have the chance to control a horde of pretty chickens when they are travelling through the mainland and collecting loots. Upgrade all of the chickens as the most powerful warriors. Provide them with professions as an archer, a blacksmith or a miner to help them gather all needed materials for the best upgrades.

Control a horde of pretty chickens through multiple missions!

Make your perfect choice of 4 chickens to come across all obstacles along the way. Can you do it all? Let’s complete all adventure! Don’t let anyone look down on your chicken squad! Good luck!


Let’s discover over 40 different locations!

Well, someone may know this elephant-themed platformer. This game with the excellent combination of Jump-and-Run and RPG gameplay will not make you disappointed just a little. Let’s discover over 40 different locations while seeking hidden balloons, gathering yellow or other keys. They are required to open the doors and eventually, you will reach the exit door. The WASD keys are used to move the elephant easily. Fire with the mouse. Have fun! Search these free online games for pc to play now.


Welcome to the fun but addictive animal sports game! Fans of the classic Duck Life game series will fall in love with this brilliant game. In Pet Sports, you will have to train six distinctive animals to increase their skills in running, swimming, and even motor racing! Make your choice of a wide range of collection including a frog, rabbit, dog, lion, penguin, and a small squirrel. Feel free to use the adorable animations and smooth graphics. Train your pets well so that they can enter the competition bravely and get ready for the victory.

Welcome to the fun but addictive animal sports game!

Train your animals with different skills through tons of mini-games to complete such as the swimming challenge. Get your pet to become the champion! And, be the most successful trainer now! Get ready for animal games to play online!
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